Sep 25

Welcome to Kid's Indoor Playgrounds

We've started this website as a directory of places where we've spent some time with our kids. Later on, we thought that this list could be useful for many parents in Toronto and whole Greater Toronto Area (GTA) who is looking for a place to celebrate child's birthday. No need to spend hours by "googling" for different terms in order to collect decent list of alternatives (e.g., close to subway station, close to highway exit, compare prices and services that are included, and so on). Now it is just one web site with easy way to locate target area and all playgrounds within.

Another task that can be accomplished with this directory is just to find a place where you can meet your friends and let your kids "go wild" in a safe place that is designed specifically for this.

Do not be shy. Please leave a comment or rating on any page of the site. This will provide enormous help to other parents like you. Thank you in advance for doing it.

If you spot and error or if one of your favourite places is missing, let us know and we will gladly update this directory. You can always contact us by filling form.

By popular demand from parents and owners of indoor playgrounds, this site is covering more and more places well beyond GTA borders.

Welcome to the "Directory of Indoor Playgrounds, Outdoor Places and other resources for Excellent Birthday Party"...