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Small Wonders Indoor Playground, Mississauga, Ontario

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Quick Facts

Name: Small Wonders Indoor Playground

Posted in: Indoor Playgrounds

Address: 140 Capital Court, Mississauga, Ontario, L5T 2R8

Phone: (905) 696-6817



Age: 1 - 8 years

Major intersection: Hurontario Street and Derry Road East

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Short Description

This is an excerpt from web site of 'Small Wonders Indoor Playground':

Small Wonders is 10,000 square foot playground on the borders of Mississauga and Brampton where children can come to have fun and learn. We cater to children ages 1 to 8. Discovery Park offers a play area for all ages with a safety surface, climbers and a slide. Parents can sit, relax and watch your children from the veranda.

Rates and Birthday Packages1

  • Small Party Rooms (12 children and less)
      • JUST DUCKY / Monday - Friday ($170.00 + tax)
      • WONDER DUCK / Saturday - Sunday ($225.00 + tax)
    • Up to 2 hours
    • Extra child: $13.00
  • Large Party Rooms (24 children and less)
      • A LA DUCK / Monday - Friday ($270.00 + tax)
      • SUPER DUCK / Saturday - Sunday ($350.00 + tax)
    • Up to 2 hours
    • Extra child: $15.00
  • Exclusive and Semi-Exclusive packages (24 children and less)
      • GOLDEN DUCK / Sunday ($400.00 + tax)
      • SILVER DUCK / Monday - Friday ($300.00 + tax)
      • SILVER DUCK / Saturday - Sunday ($350.00 + tax)
    • "Silver duck" is open to public but not to other parties. Up to 2 hours. "Golden Duck" can accommodate up to 175 people.

1 Prices for birthday packages are subject to change without notice. Please double check current rates on web site of 'Small Wonders Indoor Playground'.

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