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McDonald’s Sheppard, Toronto, Ontario

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Quick Facts

Name: McDonald’s Sheppard

Posted in: Indoor Playgrounds

Address: 3305 Sheppard Avenue East, Scarborough, Ontario, M1T 3K2

Phone: (416) 491-7751



Age: up to 10 years

Major intersection: Warden Avenue and Sheppard Avenue East

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Interactive Map

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Short Description

This is an excerpt from web site of 'McDonald’s Sheppard':

McDonald’s “Play Place” is a big indoor playground inside restaurant. Your child will have a lot of fun playing in this structure.

Rates and Birthday Packages1

  • McDonald’s Birthday Party Package ($3.50+tax per guest; 15 children and less)
    • Package includes: 2 hours of shared play on a structure; reserved seating in Play Place; host; birthday cake (feeds approx. 12-15 kids); invitations; party hats; meal for birthday child; loot bags. This package does not include food. Outside cake is allowed if it is nut-free. No balloons or outside food is permitted.

1 Prices for birthday packages are subject to change without notice. Please double check current rates on web site of 'McDonald’s Sheppard'.

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